Jul 15, 2021

Total Expert and BankingBridge Complete Integration

CHARLESTON – May 10, 2022 - Total Expert, the customer experience platform purpose-built for banks and lenders, today announced the integration with BankingBridge, a leader in mortgage website and landing page lead generation. The integration empowers lenders with seamless lead data delivery to Total Expert. The full lead data mapping provides all the relevant data points a mortgage lender needs to have a meaningful conversation with the prospect.  

"Having a cohesive strategy for lead generation is key to driving growth in with consumers in the digital channel,”  said Josh Lehr, Senior Director, Partnerships & Industry Technology at Total Expert. With the integration to BankingBridge’s top of funnel tools, lenders are able to drive a better first impression with their consumers, and automate engagement on behalf of their loan officers.  This in turn is driving better conversations and leading to more lead conversions."

The Total Expert and BankingBridge integration brings data into Total Expert by leveraging more than 12 different lead data points delivering a higher quality lead for mortgage lenders. As a result, lenders can efficiently route leads, automate nurture campaigns, and close more loans. Lenders can utilize the BankingBridge website tools on any website or landing page to maximize lead generation and better leverage the Total Expert platform.  

“This partnership provides mortgage lenders a seamless way to deliver lead data directly into Total Expert and removes the manual process of data entry,” said Jimmy King, CEO at BankingBridge. “We’re very excited to partner with Total Expert to continue to drive innovation in the mortgage industry.”

About Total Expert

Total Expert delivers purpose-built CRM and data-driven customer engagement solutions for more than 175 modern financial institutions. The Total Experience Platform unifies data, marketing, sales, and compliance solutions to provide a cohesive experience across the customer lifecycle. Total Expert turns customer insights into actions to increase loyalty and drive growth for banks, lenders, credit unions, and other financial services firms. For more information visit

About BankingBridge

BankingBridge helps banks, lenders, and credit unions maximize lead conversion through a modern website shopping experience. We build the top of the funnel lead shopping experience that every mortgage lender needs to be successful in today’s digital world. BankingBridge turns everyday website visitors into high quality leads and delivers lead data, in a seamless way, directly to the lender. For more information visit

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