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How Arkansas Federal Credit Union generated 5X more high-quality leads using BankingBridge.

We successfully launched BankingBridge and are thrilled to report that in just the first few days, we have generated an impressive 45 new mortgage leads.

Robert Blake

VP Digital Marketing, Arkansas Federal Credit Union

BankingBridge has provided us with a modern solution that allows our members to effortlessly compare mortgage rates, explore loan options, and provide quick answers to initial questions.  We have already seen great results!

Park Community team

VP Digital Marketing, Arkansas Federal Credit Union

See how our products boosted Park Community Credit Union's revenue instantly!

Learn how District Lending converted 3X more leads by displaying rates.

We were initially hesitant to add BankingBridge because I did not know if I wanted to display rates or not.  At the end of the day the consumer wants it, and it has been a game changer for us.

Josh Rapaport

Owner, District Lending

Displaying rates to consumers helps us show that we are an honest, straight forward lender, and it helps build that good foundation going forward.

Andrei Paduraru

Senior Manager, JVM Lending

See how our products boosted JVM Lending's revenue instantly!

100+ mortgage companies are increasing their revenue using BankingBridge products

The 2024 Mortgage Lead Conversion Mastery Playbook

Strategies and Insights from Converting Over 250,000 Mortgage Leads

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