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Today's consumer values transparency, choice and education. We exist to help small to mid-sized mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions meet today's online consumer demands.

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Why we built BankingBridge?

Jimmy King
Co Founder, Bankingbridge

Our Vision

Empowering lenders and consumers with transparency, education, and choice in the home loan journey.

Our Mission

To be the premier platform for mortgage companies seeking to market their mortgage rates with with the goal of converting more quality leads.  We achieve this by promoting transparency for the consumer during the initial stages of the mortgage research journey, thereby reducing the cost of acquiring quality mortgage leads.

Our Values

Guiding principles that define us.


We have the courage to be truthful and sincere. To never mislead or deceive another team member or customer.

Leading from the front

Be available and engaged with our customers. Every team member takes the  initiative to resolve customer issues, find better solutions, and innovate.

Clear direction

We are committed to staying the course with the problem we are solving for our customers and consumers. This is a commitment to unlock new value for our customers and consumers.


We value each team member, fostering a positive, supportive work environment for recognition and motivation. To our customer


We respect our team members' life goals, contributing to their growth as better team members. We respect our customers by being punctual, valuing their opinions,  resolving issues swiftly, and offering superior products for their success. We respect consumers through early, radical transparency in the home loan journey.

Excellence in execution

We relentlessly  pursue top standards in quality, precision, and efficiency in all tasks and projects, consistently delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Do what we say

When we commit to something, we are dedicated to making it happen to the best of our abilities. We take pride in being a dependable team member and partner you can rely on.

Our Goals

  • To be the industry standard for mortgage companies wanting to market with rates

  • Position our customers further up the funnel in the mortgage research journey

  • Reduce the cost for banks, credit unions, & mortgage lenders to acquire quality mortgage leads

  • Raise the ceiling of transparency for the consumer during the initial research phase of the mortgage lead journey

Who we serve

The Lender

  • To be the industry standard for mortgage companies wanting to market with rates

  • The lender that is looking for the new way to meet today's consumer demands

  • Understands consumers might rate shop you and position themselves as a resource for rate education

  • A growing group of lenders understand the importance of transparency

The Consumer

  • Today’s consumer is looking for an online shopping experience and mortgage is no different

  • Compelling shopping experience is driven by showing price (rates) next to product (30 year fixed)

  • The consumer wants instant information, transparency which builds trust

100+ mortgage companies are increasing their revenue using BankingBridge products