Jul 15, 2021

The Hunt For Leads Is Back! Focus On Your Website Traffic

At least in the near term, refinance activity has slowed due to the quick rise in mortgage rates. Overall refinance lead opportunities will decrease which leaves more lenders chasing after a smaller pool of leads. Purchase business and purchase leads will be a larger part of the business in 2022 and should be a top focus for marketing teams.

The fastest and cheapest way to drive more leads for your company is to focus on your current website traffic. This can be organic traffic (free traffic) or paid media traffic such as Google and Facebook, as well as rate table platforms such as Bankrate, NerdWallet, or BrownBag.

Here are our top 3 tips to convert more of your website traffic. 

#1 Simplify Your Homepage

The above screenshot shows a simple, clean design of the homepage. Majority of the traffic that is visiting your website is a top-of-the-funnel lead. They are not interested in making a formal application BUT do want to request a rate quote or explore loan options. 

We recommend two simple Calls-To Action. The hero section has two buttons that load above the fold on the homepage. "Home Purchase" and "Home Refinance" buttons provide a clear action for the user to take to move through a workflow experience.  

#2 Add a "Get Custom Offer" Button to the navigation

An easy way to pick up more leads is to add a "Get Custom Offer" or "Get My Rate" CTA button in the header navigation. This makes it very clear to the user what they can expect to happen when they click this button. We see majority of lenders using the "Apply Now" button which is not the correct CTA for the majority of your website traffic. Provide an alternate button and watch the lead count increase.

Take this experience a step further by providing a rate quote when the user completes the workflow questionnaire. BankingBridge works with Optimal Blue and MorTech users to provide a seamless rate quoting solution directly in your website.  

Requst a Demo

#3 Reviews

The proof is in the pudding! Most mortgage companies have outstanding reviews and work hard to provide an exceptional customer experience. There are several API integrations including Zillow, Google, and that will allow you to post reviews directly on your website. 

Social proof is a key decision factor for top of the funnel leads to move forward with your brand. Showcase your reviews on a designated "Reviews" page and present reviews throughout your website. These reviews should be recent and relevant.  

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