Jul 15, 2021

Let The Customer Track Rates In A Changing Rate Environment

Rate volatility is back in a big way. A refinance that didn't make sense on Monday might make sense on Wednesday. A buyer who does not understand what it takes to get their offer accepted in today's market will constantly want updated rate quotes. 

Today's mortgage consumer wants rates on demand and accurate rate quotes customized to their needs. These are time consuming activities for your loan officer's to manage everyday. 

Cut out the manual process for your loan officer's and deliver rate subscription automation directly to your mortgage prospects and closed loan pipeline. 

Customized rates delivered directly to their inbox! BankingBridge best in class rate subscription service keeps your loan officer's in front of more prospects with the ultimate fresh content.  

Automated Email Delivery

Bring automation to accurate rate quoting.  Enroll leads directly from your CRM or Bankingbridge lead profiles. 

Supports lender and loan officer branding with up to 4 unique rate price points.

Saved lead profile is visible and editable to ensure a customized rate experience.

Lead Subscription Dashboard

Each lead has their own unique dashboard landing page to further refine rate results. Allow prospects to drill down their pricing profiles and view multiple price points and loan terms. Rates are updated in real time and present your loan officer's as the expert with CTAs to make a formal application. 

Supports Optimal Blue and MorTech pricing engine customers. 

Bring automation to a time consuming process and close more loans with the BankingBridge's modern rate subscription experience!

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