Jul 15, 2021

Three Takeaways From the Experience has raised the bar on what it means to create transparency throughout the home loan shopping experience. They out spend most competitors on advertising dollars, use social media as an education platform to build trust, and are constantly improving their website experience to maximize conversion. The combination of maximizing reach with education is a winning strategy. 

1. Homepage Review
The above screenshot shows a simple, clean, design of the homepage. They have clearly stated their mission statement of "No lender fees. No commission. No, really." This matches their social media marketing and google display ad advertising messaging. The homepage is your most important digital asset as 80% of your overall traffic comes through your homepage. 
Clearly stating your mission statement in a simple, elegant, design is the starting point of a great mortgage website. 

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2. A& B Testing & Clear Calls To Action 

When you visit you are likely to be served up a different homepage experience. This means they are constantly A&B testing to learn what experience works best for lead conversion. That is how important your homepage experience is to your potential leads. is willing to spend the money, time, and energy to understand the optimal experience and continue to improve.
You also do not see "Apply Now" standing out as a call to action. Better has learned that not many leads are ready to make a full application so why waste the space with an "Apply Now" button.  
Softer CTAs such as "Get Started" or "Get My Quote" will convert more leads. Once you capture that lead then provide the "Apply Now" link. 
Look into A&B testing on your homepage. If the first thing your "Apply Now" link experience asks is to create a username and password, it's not an ideal lead experience.
Look to create a different route to capture more leads.  

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3. Display Your Mortgage Rates does an exceptional job of engaging the lead.  They have built their website as an educational tool which provides a reason for a lead to visit the site, past closed client to revisit their website, and past prospects to revisit the site.  What jumps out in their website experience is how easy it is to view rates and customize your rate quote.
In today's world the consumer expects you to present the price next to the product. Your customers are already rate shopping so that is not a reason not to display rates. The few leads that you might lose because "your rates are higher" will be offset by the 5x increase of leads you do capture and convert. 
If you are not currently displaying your mortgage rates on your website you are missing out on the mindset of today's home loan shopper.   
Better uses a clean rate table format which engages the users and gives them a reason to return to your website. 

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