Jul 15, 2021

Install Mortgage Rates On A Website

Install Mortgage Rates On A Website

There are many benefits to adding real-time mortgage rates to any mortgage website.  According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of all homebuyers begin their search online so it's critical to have an interactive mortgage website experience to meet those online demands of today’s consumers.  Live mortgage rates installed on a website provide a compelling reason for visitors to stay on your website longer and create a reason for those new website visitors to make a return visit.  96% of first-time visitors are not ready to make a formal loan application but are looking to learn more about your brand and explore mortgage rate offerings without having to talk to a loan officer. 

Integrating a mortgage lender's real-time rates on their website can be a costly and technical process.  The first step is to confirm that your current mortgage pricing engine has a public API that will allow you or an approved third party to access the rate data.  As a mortgage industry technology software company, BankingBridge, integrates with many of the industry-leading mortgage pricing engines.  

If you are a mortgage lender and using any of the industry standard pricing engines you can install the rate widgets featured in this article directly on a website or landing page.  

Supported Pricing Engines:

Getting Started

The first step is to confirm you are using one of the above mentioned pricing engines.  BankingBridge will need to confirm the API connection with your custom pricing and then rate testing can begin.  Here we are going to assume this step has been completed. 

Two Types of Website Rate Embeds

1) Mortgage Rate Table Embed -

This standalone embed creates a rate table experience right there in your webpage where website traffic has the ability to shop for their specific loan scenarios right in your page. This provides the top-of-the-funnel leads with a memorable and sticky experience with your brand, knowing they were able to view mortgage loan rates right there on your website and are more likely to do business with your brand. Here is a live example.

Key Features -

Shop Different Loan Options - 30-year fixed, 20-year fixed, 15-year fixed, and ARM products. Change down payment amounts, purchase & home refinance options.

View Itemized Fees - When you itemize your fees on the back end of your pricing engine (PPE), BankingBridge’s API can pull through those exact fees to present to your potential customers.

Create Closing Cost Worksheets - The website traffic has the ability to not only view those different rate options, but also view and download a PDF Loan Summary sheet. This professional sheet provides an easy-to-read summary that goes over each detail of the loan option they were quoted, and is branded from the mortgage lender.

Sign Up For Rate Subscriptions  - From the rate table embed, the website traffic can also enroll into a next-level rate subscription email experience to keep them updated throughout the home-buying process. 

2) Mortgage Rate Cards Embed - 

While the BankingBridge Rate Table experience provides an All-In-One tool to the potential leads to shop for their exact scenario, some mortgage lenders don’t want to show all of their rates open to the world. The perfect solution for them is the BankingBridge Mortgage Rate Cards - These allow the mortgage lender to show up to 6 of their most popular rate options, with the current rates assuming a common scenario (i.e $400,000 purchase, 30% down, 740 credit score, 0 points.)  Here is a live example.

Key Features -

Allow Website Traffic To View Rates - The BankingBridge rate card embeds allow your visitors to see rates for some of your most popular loan products.

Stay Behind The Curtain - Some mortgage lenders choose to not put their mortgage rates out in the wild, which is where having the Mortgage Rate Cards helps to bridge the gap between the modern-day mortgage shopping experience and your business.

Provide Call-To-Action (CTA) Button - This button is a staple in every modern website that is designed for next level lead generation and lead conversion. This CTA opens up a lead workflow that allows the top-of-the-funnel leads to go through answering those key data points pricing out their specific loan scenario. After submitting their personal information (First, Last, Email, and Phone Number) the lead is then able to view your exact rates from your pricing engine (PPE) for their scenario. 

Installing Mortgage Rates On Your Website

Now that you have decided which mortgage rate experience is best for your business, it’s time to begin implementing these embeds onto your website. The BankingBridge embeds make it extremely easy to install the code into your website with code snippets that utilize javascript. No developer is needed, as installing is a simple copy and paste. BankingBridge also manages the API so that there is no maintenance for the mortgage lender. A sample code snippet is below:

Conclusion - 

Having mortgage rates on your website is a key aspect of converting the modern day mortgage consumer. The consumer wants the ability to view your different mortgage rate options, see your reviews, and learn about your brand all without talking to a loan officer first. The BankingBridge Mortgage Rate Table and Mortgage Rate Card embeds provide mortgage lenders with different ways to provide this next level shopping experience for your website traffic.

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