Jul 15, 2021

Education Is The New Marketing Strategy

Think about your favorite podcast or social media follow. What is it about that business or individual that draws you to their content? Many of the top podcast and social media follows are in the education business. The great follows provide some sort of free motivation, education, leadership, tips, or tricks that build enough value to tune in again and again. This all centers around educating the audience. The idea of pulling the curtain back to learn what it's really like on the inside. That's education and it can build trust faster than any other form of marketing.

This is the same marketing strategy that you should be implementing to leads and past client customer base.  

Here are 4 ways to turn education into long-term customer closings.   

#1 Pull The Curtain Back With Video Content

The secret is out and most mortgage prospects know if the rate you are offering is competitive. Build video content around what makes up a mortgage rate. What makes your rates special? What type of fees are typical to your mortgage transaction. Post those videos on your website, blogs, and social media. 

#2 Steps Of The Home Buying Process

Today's market is a lot different than 24 months ago. Provide new content based around multiple offers, cash buyers, offers over the ask price, and quick closings. If you are still using videos from 24 months ago about the home buying process it's time to review and update. Cut the videos into short 20-30 clips for fresh content on your social media channels. 

#3 Email Marketing For The Long Game

Buying leads is an expensive game to play but can payoff if you have the technology and team in place to meet the customers demands. As the mortgage world shifts from a refinance market to a purchase market it could be 90-120 days for leads to convert to closings. This provides you ample time to provide educational home buying content to these prospects. This can include weekly real time mortgage rate updates, video content on today's real estate market, or quick video clips about your team to build trust. 

#4 The Leader Is The Brand

Our favorite podcasters or social media stars are people that also represent a certain type of following or brand. Today's buyer is programmed to know the people first and then the brand. Specifically the person in charge. Bring your CEO, President, Head of Mortgage, or Branch Manager to meet the masses, no matter how big or small. Social media shows us that people want to get to know the person more than the brand. The one-on-one connection between leadership and your prospects will build brand loyalty and therefore more closings.

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