Apr 13, 2023

3 Lead Conversion Must-Do's Before Running Your First Google Ads Campaign

Let's face it, Pay-Per-Click ads aren't exactly cheap in the mortgage industry.  There are many ways to spend thousands of dollars on Google Ads and be left with several poor-quality leads at the end of your campaign. There is a balancing act between the quantity of leads and the quality of leads. We see most campaigns underperforming because the focus is on "keywords" in the ad vs the landing page design. We believe there is value in looking at your campaign from the conversion step first. This includes the design of the landing page that actually converts the leads, content on the landing page, and value-adds included on the page to drive the conversion.

Here is a refresher on the top 3 lead conversion tips for every great ad landing page that will help maximize your ROI. 

1.  Clear Call to Action and Compelling Content Without Scrolling
  • Top of the funnel leads (which would define all Google and Facebook leads) are not going to click on your "Apply Now" button. You do not need an Apply Now button on a landing page.
  • Use a CTA like "See What You Qualify For!" or "Get A Custom Quote" which is more likely to convert a lead.
  • An example of compelling content is live rate display. Live rates and rate quoting is what top of the funnel leads want to see.  
Veterans United Example of a Compelling Hero Section

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2. Social Proof with Recent Reviews
  • Most review sources such as Google or Zillow have APIs available to help display recent reviews directly into your landing pages.
  • Reviews provide another reason for a top of the funnel lead to move forward with your brand.
  • Manually adding reviews is an option as well. Just get reviews into your landing pages.
AmeriSave Example of Incorporating Reviews 
3. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
  • Facebook and Instagram are mobile apps. Spend the time on your mobile design for your landing pages.  
  • Make sure your CTAs are above the fold and do not require scrolling
  • The majority of users on Facebook and Instagram are on a mobile device. If your conversion is lacking it might be the mobile design of your landing page.

The BankingBridge mission is to help small to mid-sized mortgage lenders level the playing fields against the industry giants. We work with top mortgage lenders who advertise on Bankrate, LendingTree, and NerdWallet to deliver a modern website experience, lower cost per lead, and improve ROI.

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