Apr 13, 2023

2023 Supported Pricing Engines

BankingBridge continues to innovate and support more pricing engine options that allow mortgage banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers the best-in-class mortgage website rate display tools. Mortgage banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers now have more flexibility to use the pricing engine that best fits their needs and budget.  

Why Does Website Rate Display Matter?

Integrating live rates and comparison shopping tools into your website is how to quickly build trust and transparency to increase overall lead conversion.  Today’s consumer is savvy, understands how to compare prices online, and does not want to talk with a human during the research phase. This same comparison shopping brings enormous added value to your mortgage brand and website.  

BankingBridge provides pre-built comparison shopping tools that can be installed on your website within 48 hours of receiving your rate data from the pricing engine.  No developer support is needed. 

Here we review the current supported pricing engines and the timeline for future supported pricing engines. 

Optimal Blue 

Currently support the full product and pricing engine.  The API addendum needed can be requested from your customer support contact.  The typical turnaround time to receive rate data is 2-3 business days.


Currently support the full product and pricing or API.  A cost-effective solution with a quick turnaround time.  You can reach out to your customer support contact to learn more about the BankingBridge integration.


Currently support the full product and pricing engine users.  A new-to-market pricing engine that is gaining market share.  Reach out to your customer support team member or visit to learn more about their pricing engine options.

Lender Price

Estimated target rollout of February 2023.  More to come as we finalize the integration.  Reach out to your support contact or account manager to learn more.

Loan Sifter 

Estimated target rollout of February/March 2023.  A leading pricing engine option for mortgage brokers, this integration will provide a low-cost price point for brokers to have best-in-class website rate display.  More to come as we finalize the integration.  


BankingBridge can help take your website shopping experience to the next level through integrations with most of the product pricing engines (PPE). This enhances the experience you can provide to your website visitors, prospects, and leads. To learn more about how BankingBridge can help your company to display real-time mortgage rates and increase lead conversions, contact us here.

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