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CRM Integration  (Customer Relationship Management)


Convert more leads.
Close more loans.

BankingBridge gives you the power to create the targeted onsite journeys and customized experiences you need to build direct relationships with your users and turn your site’s prospects into closed loans.

We have partnered with SDP Solutions, an ICE Mortgage Technology Pro Consulting Partner with more than 25+ years of combined experience. Together we’ve built automated workflows that can seamlessly opt in consumers from various lead sources and subscribe them to BankingBridge’s strategic marketing email campaigns with live rate offers from your organization. This automation allows you to connect with more clients and close more loans.

Supported Lead Services

We've got you covered.

BankingBridge and SDP Solutions support the top lead platforms.  If you are participating on these platforms we can help you nurture and close more leads.

How it Works

Two powerful implementations that boost results

Flexible tools work together to create powerful nurture flows and conversion funnels that expose your brand and loan officers to more qualified leads and a broader online audience.

Interactive rates dashboard for borrowers

The borrower dashboard integrates with Optimal Blue and MorTech to allow lenders to push leads from various marketing campaigns to the BankingBridge application. Upon subscription, your new lead will receive marketing email campaigns strategiclly designed with live rate offers from your organization.

Lead-generating website embeds

Lenders can easily install BankingBridge fully responsive, and mobile-friendly website components on their website and marketing landing pages to generate leads. After these are installed on your site, a standard Velocify lead provider integration is used to send the site submissions seamlessly delivered to the Velocify CRM.

Meeting Lenders Needs

Engage leads with real-time interactive content.

Borrowers can research different rate options and scenarios on-demand. Borrowers are also more likely to work with a lender if they are reminded of the lender’s offerings and rates on a regular basis. Usually, loan officers send their own emails/SMS to borrowers where there may be new opportunities for the borrower based on how rates change.

  • Access to the borrower's interactive rates dashboard where the borrower can see their basic loan information, along with rates available to them from Optimal Blue and MorTech.

  • A welcome email to lead to the borrower's dashboard.

  • An engaging marketing email with live rate updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • Loan officers can access a link in Velocify that provides access and customization to the borrower's dashboard.

  • From the dashboard the borrower and the loan officer can adjust the loan details to check possible new rates.

Note: The dashboard can be disabled for a borrower upon specific events, such as if/when the borrower locks their rate. This is optional.

Technical Requirements

Required components & subscriptions for this integration

Live active environments and access to key data points are required to ensure the success of these integrations.

Active live environments

You must have the following environments available for this integration to work properly:

  • Live Velocify environment

  • Live Optimal Blue or MorTech environment

  • Live BankingBridge environment

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